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Masters & Replicas

Key Concepts

  • You can add replica SKUs to a Master item on the Advanced Tab of the Edit Item modal
  • Replicas inherit values from their Master item.
  • Updating this item will also update its Replicas.
  • Add non-existing SKUs to create new Replicas.
  • Add existing SKUs to convert those items into Replicas.
  • Delete SKUs to detach those items from being replicated.
  • Click "Save Replicas" to save changes.

Add a Range of Replicas

You can add a range of replicas using a colon (:) between the first and last replica SKUs like this:

In these examples, we're using a SKU pad max length of 5, which means 5 digits padded to the left by zeros.


If you don't like typing zeros, this also works:


Both methods will add the following replica SKUs:

ABC00001, ABC00002, ABC00003, ABC00004, ABC00005, ABC00006, ABC00007, ABC00008, ABC00009, ABC00010

If you don't use SKU prefixes (e.g. ABC in the exampls above), the same methods apply:

Both 00001:00010 and 1:10 produce the following replica SKUs:

00001, 00002, 00003, 00004, 00005, 00006, 00007, 00008, 00009, 00010

Replicas count towards your record usage

Each replica item counts towards your record usage.

The reason for this is because your Propcart Pro Webstore and the Dashboard have high performance but expensive search engines, and our search engine fees depend on the number of records indexed by the search engine.

An alternative to creating a unique SKU and replica for each item is to use just one SKU for all replicas with an item quantity larger than 1. The upside is that you would only have one item count towards your record usage; the downside is that you won't be able to track items individually using unique SKUs.

Typically, for small value items in large quantities, you can use the same SKU for all items and create one inventory item with the quantity equaling the total count of those items.

For large value items in large quantities, you should track those items individually and assign each item a unique SKU.