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The Propcart Inventory system is designed for ecommerce, which means inventory items (props) need to be easily discoverable via search and browsing on a Propcart Pro Webstore and the Propcart Marketplace. Furthermore, we offer QR codes for scanning and looking up items on smartphones.

Our goal is to help buyers find your inventory fast and your sales staff send quotes with the least friction possible.

Getting Started

If you're new to Propcart, you might have had your inventory in another system that didn't offer an ecommerce website (webstore) designed for prop rentals.

The Propcart way of cataloging and organizing your inventory requires some setup work. But the payoff is that your buyers and staff will be able to find your inventory quickly on your Dashboard, your Propcart Pro Webstore, on the Propcart Marketplace, and even on Google.

We have a Quick Start Guide: Create an inventory item in case you want to get your hands dirty right away.

Key Concepts

Advanced Concepts