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A high level overview of the Dashboard layout including how different components work together to help you get work done fast.

Learn the Dashboard

Dashboard documentation is organized closely to how the Dashboard app is organized. Notice the navigation menus have the same structure:

Dashboard app navigation

Dashboard App Navigation

Dashboard navigation

Dashboard Docs Navigation

Quick Start

Read our Quick Start Guide if you haven't already done so.

Read the following tips and tricks to learn the jargon and prepare yourself for the best experience.

Layout & Navigation

  • Navigation bar and tabs
  • List filters, sorting and the Reset button
  • Primary action buttons
  • Menu buttons
  • Modals and modal carousels
  • Breadcrumbs


  • Hover over the i info icons to read a tooltip
  • Many buttons have tooltips that appear on hover
  • A red asterisk (*) next to a form field label means that field is required

Toast Notifications

Toast notifications appears in the top right or center of your screen and disappear after three seconds.

Hover over a toast notification to pause it from disappearing.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the mouse or trackpad can be exhausting. Use these keyboard shortcuts to save you time and energy.

  • Press the / key to start searching. You can remember this by noting it's also the ? key for "query".
  • Use the Up and Down arrow keys to highlight a menu option
  • Press the Enter key to select the highlighted menu option


  • Click the left and right angle buttons (<, >) flanking the modal to go to the previous or next document in the carousel
  • Press the Left and Right arrow keys to go to the previous or next document in the modal carousel
  • Press the Escape key to close the modal
  • Click anywhere outside the modal to close; you don't have to click the X button


  • When focused in a form field, press the Tab key to advance to the next field
  • When focused in a form field, press Shift + Tab to return to the previous field
  • When focused in a single-line form field, press the Enter key to save the form
  • When focused in a multi-line form field, press Shift + Enter to save the form
  • When focused in a dropdown menu, use the Up and Down arrow keys to highlight a menu option

Browsers & Devices

If you haven't already done so, read about which Browsers & Devices we recommend.

Billable Records

Your monthly Propcart subscription fee is based on usage determined by your "billable record" count.

Billable records include inventory items, companies, productions, orders, invoices, users, and artists. If it's searchable in the Dashboard search bar, then it's a billable record.

Searchable records

You can view your billable records in your Dashboard Reports.

Billable records

You can use our pricing plans to estimate your monthly cost by adjusting each plan's record count slider.

Price slider