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In this video I'll show you how to use Propcart to track searches on your Propcart Pro website and your Propcart Marketplace store.

By doing this, you can better curate your inventory, improve the keywords on existing inventory, and improve your category schema to improve the browsing experience of your inventory.

I'll show you how to use synonyms to improve search results and how to use zero search results to improve the discoverability and curation of your inventory.

If you have thousands of props and want to make sure your customers are finding what they're looking for, this video is for you!

How we track searches

Propcart tracks inventory searches from the "search bar" searches and clicks on your category schema.

Tracking searches helps you:

  1. Curate inventory to meet customer demand
  2. Improve your category schema to create a better browsing experience
  3. Optimize the discoverability of existing inventory by improving keywords in your title, description and tags

You can view your inventory searches on your Dashboard's Inventory Searches page.

How to fix zero-hit searches

  1. Go to your Dashboard's Inventory Searches page.
  2. Optional: filter by a date range
  3. Optional: filter out admin searches
  4. Click on the "Hits" table header twice to sort by hit counts ascending