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Welcome to Propcart

⚡️ Propcart Pro ecommerce software helps prop houses operate efficiently and serve customers FAST.

What makes Propcart fast?

💸 Cataloging your prop inventory is expensive. Do it once with Propcart, then use that inventory everywhere:

🧐 With a single source of truth for your inventory, Propcart eliminates the pain of synchronizing that inventory between multiple software systems:

  • No generic rental tracking system that doesn't understand Hollywood
  • No Quickbooks for invoicing or receiving payments
  • No website not designed for prop rentals or set list collaboration

Learn how Propcart works

This Help Center introduces you to how to use Propcart software for prop house ecommerce.

Despite our best efforts to keep it simple, there's a learning curve. But we'll do our best to explain things carefully and provide examples, screenshots and screencasts.

These documents or "docs" (i.e. Help Center articles) are organized to teach you the fundamentals of Propcart first and then progressively advanced concepts.

  1. Make sure you're using Google Chrome on desktop computers or Safari on iOS mobile devices in Browsers & Devices.
  2. Take twenty minutes to work through the Quick Start Guide.
  3. Then get a deeper understanding of the Dashboard.

Read these docs like a book. At the bottom of each page are buttons to take you to the Next or Previous page. The pages are ordered such that each page builds off concepts from the previous pages.

It takes about 2-3 hours to read all these Help Center articles and watch the videos. It's probably best to break up each study session into 30 to 45 minute chunks.

After reading the docs, please contact us if you have any questions.