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For inventory Line Items, the default Unit Price is inherited from the inventory item.

You can edit the line item price without affecting the inventory item price; the edited price will only affect that line item on the current order.

Credit Card Fee

On an order's Billing tab, there is a Credit Card Fee field which adds a post-tax surcharge like a credit card processing fee. It is limited to 10% of the order. Most Credit Card Fees are around 3%.

Credit Card Fee


This is not tax advice. Check with your accountant to confirm adding a credit card processing fee is legal in your area.


The Credit Card Fee is visible on Quotes, Checkout Sheets and Invoices.

How to calculate your Credit Card Fee when using Stripe


This is not tax advice. Check with your accountant when determining your tax obligation on credit card surcharges and processing fees.

If your tax jurisdiction requires sales tax for Credit Card Fees and you're using Stripe for credit card processing, then you can calculate how much your Credit Card Fee needs to be to cover both the 2.9% Stripe processing fee plus the sales tax of that fee using this formula:

Credit Card Fee = 0.029 × (1 + Sales Tax Rate)


Let's say you're operating in Burbank, California and your sales tax is 10.25%. Your Credit Card Fee would then be:

Credit Card Fee = 0.029 × (1 + 0.1025) = 0.0319725 or 3.19725%

Which you could just round up to 3.2%.

Extended Price

A line item's extended price is calculated as follows:

Quantity x Unit Price x Surcharge x Weekly Price Multiplier = Extended Price

The Weekly Price Multiplier is determined by your weekly Discount Schedule.


The Surcharge field allows you to raise a line item's price a given percentage without that price increase appearing on any customer-facing paperwork.

A surcharge can be added to individual line items:

Line item surcharge

Edit Line Item form

Or as a bulk action using the "Edit Selected Line Items" option:

Edit selected line items

And then adding a percentage markup to the Surcharge (%) field:

Bulk Edit line item surcharge

In the following example, a Surcharge of 10% raises the price of a $50 line item $5, so it's now $55.


If you forget how the Extended Price is calculated using the Surcharge, you can hover over the tooltip:

Surcharge tooltip

Why would you want to add a surcharge?

  • The customer is being difficult and you want to charge him more for the extra trouble.
  • The customer asks you to hide some L&D costs in the current order without creating a separate L&D order.
  • The order is for an event, and you charge 50% more for events because they're extra work.
  • The customer is paying via credit card and you want to invisibly pass on the 3% transaction fee to the customer without using the order's Credit Card Fee field (which is visible on the paperwork).


Configure your Tax Regions and Default Tax Region in your Production Settings.

You can then select a Tax Region for your order on its Billing tab.

Order tax region

The taxability of an inventory line item is inherited from its parent inventory item.

Fixed Pricing

Recall the Multi Week Discounts where a line item's extended price is automatically calculated for multi week orders.

Sometimes you might want to override a specific line item's extended price from being automatically calculated based on its billable duration, and instead set a fixed price.

To set a fixed price, open the line item and

  1. Click the Expand Button
  2. Toggle on Fixed Pricing
  3. Adjust the Unit Price to be the price you want for the duration of the order

Fixed Pricing


Under the hood, Fixed Pricing sets the billable duration of its line item to one week. Thus, the line item's extended pricing is unaffected by the billable duration of the order.


How do I add a rush fee?

If you want to make the rush fee invisible, use the Surcharge feature.

If you want to make the rush fee visible, DO NOT use the Credit Card Fee, which is intended for credit card processing fees.

Instead, create an Inventory item titled "Rush Fee" with a purchase type of "Service" and a $0 price and (maybe) non-taxable (check with your accountant).

Add that "Rush Fee" item to the order and then change the line item price to be whatever you want. There's no option to make it a percentage of the order, so you'll have to calculate that manually.