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Order Payments

Key Concepts

  • Payments are usually made at the Order level for COD accounts or if you want to collect an initial payment
  • Payments are usually made at the Invoice level for Net 30 accounts or if you want the customer to make the payment themselves (i.e. without staff involvement)
  • Use Stripe to accept credit card payments
  • Stripe payments cannot be edited or deleted, but they can be refunded
  • Non-stripe payments (e.g. check or cash) can be edited or deleted
  • When converting an order to an invoice, the payments for this order are caried over to the invoice
  • Order payments cannot be edited once the order has been invoiced
  • Once an order has been invoiced, the monetary value of that order cannot be changed unless the invoice is in Draft status
  • Productions that have a credit card on file through Stripe will allow you to log payments without inputting any credit card information

If an order has been invoiced and you need to modify the order such that it changes the monetary value of the order, then set the invoice to Draft status.

Further Reading

See Invoice Payments for more payment options