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Credit Card Authorizations

How to create credit card authorizations using Stripe.

Why not store credit card authorization in your email or the Dashboard?

Prop house customers paying via credit card often provide a scanned copy of their credit card and driver's license as a way of "authorizing" the prop house to charge their card.

This is a mistake for three reasons:

  1. It makes it too easy for somebody to steal that document and commit credit card fraud.
  2. Prop houses are storing that information in their email or in their Dashboard documents which is not a secure (PCI compliant) storage method for credit card information.
  3. It makes their email or Dashboard the target of hackers who want to steal that information to commit credit card fraud.

5 Benefits of becoming PCI compliant

  1. Strengthen your data security by minimizing your exposure to data hackers or inhouse data theft.
  2. Show your commitment to protecting customer data to enhance customer trust in your business.
  3. Satisfy legal and regulatory requirements related to data protection and privacy.
  4. Save the costs of potential data breaches which may result in financial penalties, loss of reputation, and potential legal repercussions.
  5. Gain a competive advantage over competitors who may not prioritize data security.

How to become PCI compliant?

The Propcart Dashboard is not PCI compliant and it is against our Terms of Service to store credit card data using Dashboard Documents storage.

However, Stripe is PCI compliant and provides a secure and easy way of storing that data.

Watch the video to learn how to authorize a credit card using the Propcart Dashboard Stripe integration.

Key Concepts

  • Create an Authorization
  • Delete an Authorization
  • Request an Authorization
  • After submitting a Production Application
  • Confirmation email

A customer can also fill out the Credit Card Authorization immediately after submitting a Production Application.