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Creating a Production

Creating a production

A new Production only requires a unique name to be created.

Once created, you can add the following information:

Ways to Create

You can create a production four ways:

From the Productions List

Select the blue New Production button at the top right of the Productions page.

New production from list

From a Company

Select the blue New Production button on the middle right of the Company page.

New production from list

From a Production Application

Select the blue Convert to Production button at the top right of the Production Application page.

New production from production application

From an Order

First, enable this toggle in your Order Settings: Can Productions be created within an Order?

Can productions be created within an order toggle

Within an order, you can create a new production in the "Production" field:

Create a production within an order

Type in the new Production name and then click the Create "{{new production name}}" menu option. A new production will be automatically created with that name and associated with this order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a production can be tricky at first, so we want to address some common questions.

Is the Production the job or the production company?

Sometimes you'll want to make the production company the Production. Other times you'll want to make it the job/project. How do you decide?

Omit the Company and use the production company as the Production when:

  • The job is small like a photoshoot, commercial, or event
  • The production team (contacts) stays the same across multiple jobs, especially the buyers and accounts payable person
  • The customer wants to use the same COI and/or rental agreement for multiple jobs

Setting up a new Production takes work, so if the conditions above are met, you can save time by reusing the same Production across multiple jobs/projects and then giving each order a title using the format:

Job name: Set name

Note the colon separating the job name from the set name.

Use the production company as the Company and the project as the Production when:

  • The production company is a major studio like Netflix or Warner Bros. and you want to group all of their productions together
  • The project is large like a season of a TV show or feature film
  • The project has its own business entity (usually for large projects like TV shows or features)
  • A unique team was hired for this project and will be disbanded when the project ends
  • You want new productions to inherit addresses, billing info, contacts, and documents from a single production company

What if a production has multiple production companies?

You can either:

  • Choose a primary production company and make that the Production's Company. You can then add the other production companies to the Production's Address or the Private Notes for reference.
  • Omit the Company and add all production companies to the Production Address.

An order cannot be created without a Production; the Production must be created first.

What if you don't have the production info yet and need to send a buyer a quote ASAP?

Create a Production called "New Account Pending" and start a new Order under that Production to generate your quote. When the production info arrives later, create a new Production then assign the Order to it.

What if a new customer just wants to buy something for $5? Isn't setting up an entire production overkill?

Yes, it is. Create a Production called "Misc Jobs" and create your small orders under that.


Many prop houses have a minimum order size of $50-$100 to avoid small orders that aren't worth the trouble.