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The banner notification appears on all pages, not just your homepage.

Edit your banner notification →

Category Schema

How to edit your Category Schema →

Slide Show section

Each slide on our slide show has the following options:

  • JPG image larger than 1000px wide and horizontal aspect ratio
  • Category
  • Title
  • Description
  • Primary Call to Action button linking to another page on your website
  • Secondary Call to Action button linking to another page on your website

These slideshows are designed to direct the user to take a specific action on your website such as signing up or shopping an inventory category.

We offer three versions:

Version 1 - Third Size

Version 2 - Half Size

Version 3 - Full Size

Example Slides

  • Sign Up
  • Create an Account
  • Featured Collection (category)
  • Featured Service
  • Featured Artist
  • Featured Item or Artwork
  • New Arrivals

Services section (optional)

If your prop house offers other services besides renting props (i.e. design, fabrication, delivery, etc.), then we want to identify up to five services here.

Each service includes:

  • JPG image exactly 300px wide and square aspect ratio
  • Caption
  • Optional link to a section on the homepage, to a new page, or no link at all

Examples Websites

What We Do section

Each section includes:

  • JPG image larger than 600px wide and horizontal or square aspect ratio
  • Title
  • Description
  • Call to Action button

You can select up to 25 featured items by selecting the "Featured" Visibility on an item's Main tab.

Select featured visibility

To optimize your homepage page load speed, featured items are selected at website build time instead of on each page load (the previous behavior). Therefore, you must publish your website each time you change your featured items. You can publish on your Webstore page.

Featured items are randomly sorted with each page load.

You can view all of your Featured items on the Dashboard by selecting "Featured" in the Visibility filter.

Featured items are also ranked highest in search results.

For Pro subscribers with a Propcart Pro Webstore, you must publish your webstore to see your featured item changes update on your homepage.

Also titled "Popular Props", "Popular Categories", "Shop by Category", and "Featured Collections".

Featured categories

You can select either five or ten featured categories.

The easiest way to do this is to use the default image from existing inventory items to represent the featured category.

Please email your featured categories to [email protected] and include the following information for each category:

  1. Category name/title
  2. Dashboard URL to the inventory item that has the default image representing the category
  3. URL to the search results page that clicking the category will link to


  1. Chairs

Visit Us Section

This section appears at the bottom of the Homepage, Contact Us page, About Us page, and also in the footer on every page.

This section contains:

  • a Google Map to your Google Business Listing
  • your address, phone and email contact info
  • visiting information such as hours of operation, pickup and return instructions, parking info, whether you're open for appointment only, etc.

For Cleared Art Gallery webstores only.

  1. First, make sure you have the "Has Featured Artists?" toggle enabled in your Artist Settings:

Has featured artists

  1. Go to your Artists list on the Dashboard.
  2. Find an artist you want to feature and open it
  3. Enable the Featured? toggle and save.

Select featured artist

  1. You can filter your artists list by Featured Artists using the Visibility filter:

Featured artists filter