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Mailchimp Integration

Want to save time transferring emails from Propcart to Mailchimp?

Propcart offers a Mailchimp integration that automatically adds an email subscriber to your Mailchimp audience whenever a new user signs up on your Propcart Pro Webstore or subscribes to your newsletter.

You can also add individual users and contacts to your Mailchimp audience via the Dashboard.

To add this integration, you’ll need to collect the following:

  • Your Mailchimp API key
  • Your Mailchimp audience ID

This guide explains how to grab this info off your Mailchimp account. It should take about two minutes.

Sign up or log into your Mailchimp account

Find your Mailchimp API key

  1. Click your logo/avatar in the bottom left of the sidebar
  2. Select Account & billing

Mailchimp Account

  1. Select the Extras tab
  2. Select API keys

Mailchimp Extras > API Keys

  1. Click the gray Create A Key button

Your Mailchimp API keys

  1. Copy the API key that is generated and paste this into your Dashboard Mailchimp Integration Settings

Mailchimp API keys

Find your Mailchimp Audience ID

  1. Log into Mailchimp
  2. Select Audience from the sidebar
  3. Select the Manage Audience dropdown menu
  4. Select Settings

Mailchimp Manage Audience

  1. Select Audience name and defaults

Mailchimp audience name and defaults

  1. Copy the Audience ID

Mailchimp audience id location

  1. Paste the Audience ID into your Dashboard Mailchimp Integration Settings

Mailchimp audience id

Click the blue Save button and that’s it!

Exporting Emails for your Audience List

Users & Newsletter Subscribers

You can download all registered Users and/or Newsletter Subscribers in a spreadsheet (CSV) from your Users list menu here:

Export users

Production Contacts

You can download all Production Contacts in a spreadsheet (CSV) from your Productions list menu here:

Export production contacts

Note: Only production contacts with email addresses will be included in the spreadsheet.