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Hosting & Data Protection


Your data is precious so don't let your Propcart Dashboard get hacked or abused. Here's how to secure your account.

  • Use a unique password you've never used before. Don't reuse passwords! Data breaches happen often and chances are one of your existing passwords has been exposed.
  • Passwords with more characters, special characters, different cases and numbers are harder to brute-force hack.
  • Require all Dashboard admins to have their own account with separate emails and passwords. Don't share logins between employees! Unique accounts also make it easy to disable access when employees leave. We also log activity events for items, orders, and invoices, so sharing accounts obscures who did what.
  • Don't save passwords in a browser on shared devices. Better yet, don't share devices if you can afford it.
  • Use Two Factor Authentication to require a six digit code texted to the admin's cell phone upon password authentication. Note 2FA does not work when logging into the Dashboard via Google.

Our security system is built on a Google Cloud authentication service which is actively maintained by Google. However, data breaches can still occur due to not following these best practices.

Roles & Permissions

See Roles & Permissions.


We'll never share your data or your users' data with third parties without your consent.

See our Privacy Policy for details.


All data is backed up nightly at 10pm EST and stored on our secure servers for 30 days.

In the event of employee sabotage or hacking and somebody deletes your data (through no fault of Propcart), then there's a non-trivial fee to restore your data from a backup.

As such, we recommend using unique passwords and Two Factor Authentication. Read the Security section above for details.


Your data and all Propcart software (Dashboard, Webstores and Marketplace) are hosted on Google Cloud using the fastest, most reliable servers available.

Propcart is GDPR and CCPA compliant. Read our legal docs for details: