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Contact Us Page

Contact Us Page

This page provides a simple contact form that allows customers to contact you and send attachments without leaving your website.

Messages sent through this form get sent to your sales email as well as stored in your Inbound Emails list with the "Contact Us" source.

Why you should not show your sales email address

Some prop houses want to include their sales email address on this page, or use it to replace this contact form altogether.

Here's why we recommend against that:

  1. Spam Prevention: When you display an email address on your website, it becomes susceptible to email harvesting bots that scrape websites for email addresses to send spam. Our contact form includes built-in spam filters and CAPTCHA challenges to minimize unwanted messages when it senses a human is not using the form.
  2. Reduced Errors: Email addresses can be prone to typos or mistakes when customers manually type them into their email client. A contact form eliminates these errors, ensuring that messages reach your business.
  3. Improved User Experience: Contact forms are typically more user-friendly than asking visitors to open their email client, copy an email address, and compose a message. Customers can fill out a form on your website directly, leading to a smoother and more convenient experience.
  4. Message Confirmation: After submitting a contact form, the customer receives a confirmation message on the website, assuring them that their message has been sent successfully. This confirmation can improve user trust and satisfaction.
  5. Security: Email addresses exposed on websites can become targets for phishing attempts. Using a contact form reduces the risk of malicious actors using your email address for deceptive purposes.